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/ company Registration Package

Initial meeting to discuss your business idea

Check of the Basic requirement Meeting in terms of


Proven Experience

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Business Set-up process

Legal advice on company structure, shares distribution, act of incorporation,...

Draft of the Business plan

Draft of the deed of incorporation

Contacts and appointment with the notary

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Company registration process

VAT number Activation

Company identification at the Belgian Crossroad Bank for entreprises

Registration of the working partners at the Social Insurance Agency

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Need to get started quickly? Set-up your own company! Thanks to a limited liability company, you share the profit of the company without commiting your personal belonging! Moreover, as profits can be reinvested in the company or passed onto shareholders in the form of dividends, you can maintain your social contributions to some reasonable level. In Belgium, SRL (Société à responsabilité Limitée) is by far the most common type of company.




1.200 €


Including support material required for you to start your activity successfully!

For complex companies, this price could be increased.


if all the process goes through Fiscada

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