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Time have changed. Today, an increasing number of individuals, expats, entrepreneurs and firms are acting on the European level. They work in Belgium, as they do in many other Member States of the European Union. The freedom to provide services has been an integral part of the EU and those specific profiles are the reflect of a new EU cross-border economy.



Want to embrace that trend and go international? What about reaching the Belgian market and looking for market perspective for your company?  FISCADA offers professional business and innovation support services to its clients so they can save time and money as they make the most of international development opportunities.

Want to expand your business in Belgium?

Want to invest  in Belgium?

Creating a Belgian holding company will allow you to acquire, hold in a portfolio and manage financial participations that you hold in other companies.  In addition, you can carry out other activities, such as commercial, industrial or property transactions.  Those structures are also used to reshape the structure and the financing methods of your company group.  This option is maybe the solution you were looking for.  Do not hesitate to contact us, our staff will tell you if creating a holding is the best move in your situation!

Get Support.

Expand your business safely

In addition to provide you with investment and business advice, Fiscada helps you get into the Belgian market safely. Indeed, posting workers and doing Business on a EU-level entails legal and fiscal consequences to be carefull with. 

This is why Fiscada provides you support to guarantee that you get informed and meet legal requirements demanded by the EU Labour and Social Law


Obligation to entrust a Social Representative

Terms and conditions of national employment

Rights and working conditions

Necessity to translate document

You wish to establish yourself or one of your employees in Belgium to pursue a temporary activity.

Limosa declarations




The system for monitoring foreign workers is called Limosa.  The objective behind is to provide Belgium with transparent information about the labour market by communicating the number of foreigners working in Belgium.


How?  Electronic declaration forms are submitted for every posted worker as well as for self-employed who come to work on the Belgian territory.

When? At least 5 days in advance.

Where? Declaration can be submitted even from a remote location. Send us your data's, we carry on the online process!


Located abroad, your business need to temporarily send workers in Belgium.

Post workers and entrust of a social representative


A posted worker is a person who, on behalf of his employer, is sent for a limited period of time to carry out his work in a territory of a EU Member State other than the State in which he normally works.


If an employer of a posted employee does not have a business representation in Belgium, it must appoint a representative who is entitled to act on behalf of the employer.


We offer advice for your posted worker to meet the conditions that allow him to remain subject to the tax and social security system of his country of origin (exception available for a limited period of time)  

Your business requires a permanent commercial presence  in Belgium.

open a branch or a belgian subsidiary



While a branch is not regarded as a distinct legal entity from the foreign company, the subsidiary is an independant structure submitted to the Belgian Corporate Law. Argument for opting for either a branch or a subsidairy will be considered according to your project and management culture.


Keep focus on your core business while we deal with all the administrative procedure that creating such entities implies. Offer includes a large range of services that goes from setting-up process, to accounting, domiciliation and courrier management services.  In addition to those requiremements being handled for you, you can count on reliable professionals ready to help you in the management of your Belgian entity, even remotedly!



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