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 services for EXPATS

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Make your relocation easier

administrative and tax services

You do not agree with your tax assessment? You would like to get more information about a document you received from the Federal Public Finance office?  You would like to start an administrative appeal procedure, but cannot write the correspondence in one of the Belgian administrative languages?


Our international accountants provide expat services and advice adapted to clients' personal and professional circumstances, covering everything from income tax, national insurance contributions and social security, to tax on capital gains and future inheritance tax liabilities.


Our services include:

Advising on tax consequences of moving to Belgium

Dealing with an individual's Belgium tax reporting requirements

Residence and domicile

Liaison with overseas advisors regarding taxation in the country of origin

Tax Return

Tax issues

Administrative issues


Do more.

Worry Less.

Our tax teams are highly experienced in dealing with the particular needs of people who come to live, work and set-up businesses in Belgium.

relocation services

Want to get quickly operational in Belgium?

Addressing alone the French and Dutch speaking administrative procedures when being an English speaking foreigners coming to live and work in Belgium can quickly result into frustration. 


Fiscada provide you with administrative and accomodation assistances to help you get quickly established in Belgium, ready to act and work in your host country!






Our services include:

First day arrival services

Administrative assistance (residency requirements and registration procedures, lease registering,...)

Bank and insurance assistance


Office rental

mail redirection services




As an expat, your job, family, and lifestyle require you to frequently travel.  Yet, not receiving your mails and bills in a regular way could quickly entail some administrative and financial problems.






The mail redirection service provided by FISCADA is an easy to apply and cost effective way to give you peace of mind.  Contact us and know that your mail will move with you wherever you are! 

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