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Start a Business in Belgium

We help you get your business

off the ground!

FISCADA offers a comprehensive range of supports to make it as easy as possible to set up your business in Belgium and to grow that business on foreign markets. Based on our extensive experience and success with innovative, export-oriented start-ups, available supports have been fine-tuned to meet the exacting and often flexible needs of entrepreneurs. 

The majority of the companies we have supported are still alive. This illustrates the quality of the supports we offer.  We provide you advisers assigned to assist you through the start-up and growth phases of your business. 




Nationals and foreigners can start a business in Belgium as long as they meet minimum requirements. They can choose wether to be self-employed or to start a company.  As chatered accountant, we provide a wide range of assistance on such topic as:


Finding out whether you are eligible to set up a business in Belgium

Finding out whether your qualification are relevant for specific profession

Finding out whether your certification are equivalent to the Belgian ones

Choose among our cost effective packages!

They include all the necessary steps to get your business up and running!

Self employed registration package
limited Company Registration Package
Monthly Management Package
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