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Company Set up in Brussels

Business In Belgium Made Easy

Why Fiscada?

Responsive Customer Service: The business world has never moved faster than it does today - Entrepreneurs collaborating with Fiscada can count on fast and accurate financial support.

Experienced Support: More than accountants, we are also professional advisers who can help entrepreneurs successfully complete Belgian administrative requirements.

Embrace Diversity: Whatever the size of your business, it's stage of development, or it's country of origin; at Fiscada, every entrepreneur is valued and treated with respect.

Remote Guidance: We help our clients located abroad to make their Belgian entity compliant with local statutory obligations.

Transparent Pricing: Contrary to most accounting offices, we aim to offer simple, clear and transparent fees to everyone.  Our fees are displayed on our website so that clients know exactly what to expect.


Dedicated collaborators: Whether self -employed, a SME or a company located abroad, all our customers are guaranteed to receive equal and dedicated attention from our staff.



  By delivering 

Membership Flexibility 

Transparent Prices

Office Rental

Experienced Business setting-up process (even with foreign diploma)

Bookkeeping Services

Tax Advice 

Business Plan drafting




single point

Do More. Worry Less.

Free yourself from administrative burdens

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